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Designed to address the needs of low to moderate income Orange residents, JCC offers a variety of community service programs.

The Executive Director is responsible for JCC's daily operations and receives oversight and informed guidance from JCC’s Board of Directors.  

Jackson Community Center

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Jackson Community Center is participating in the annual Giving Tuesday along with a Double Good Popcorn fundraiser from November 29th through December 2nd.

We are raising funds to hire a part-time teacher to work with our Youth Tutoring Program, a program designed to offer the assistance that students and parents have asked for to help improve students’ academic performance in reading, math, and grammar.  We believe that a part-time teacher can help us support our youth and help them achieve academic success.

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2) Click here to purchase popcorn through our Double Good fundraiser between November 29th and December 2nd.

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JCC's mission is to revitalize communities in East Orange, Texas and improve the residents' quality of life...

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