Career Development Program

JCC’s Career Development Program is designed for adolescents from lower income families between the ages of 14 and 18.  The program is administered at two locations near the City of Orange’s Public Housing Authority whose close proximity makes it more convenient for youth living in these target communities to attend the workshops.

JCC’s Career Development Program is comprised of three modules: 

Job Readiness

The Job Readiness Module has workshops focused on resume writing, interviewing techniques, proper business attire for interviews and the workplace, and time-management skills.  The activities in this module include “real-world” simulations and instruction from professionals in various occupations to help with career development. 


The Communication Module develops oral and written communication skills through grammar workshops focused on academic and professional writing and effective public speaking training.  This module also includes a computer literacy component to provide instruction on the use of commonly used office software applications, such as Microsoft Office, training on navigating job-recruiting websites, and instruction on completing employment applications online.  

Money Basics

The Money Basics Module teaches adolescents key money management techniques that encourage a sound path to financial independence and helps them to avoid the pitfalls of consumer debt.  Participants learn applicable skills in creating a budget, managing bank accounts, and building a savings.

​​Youth Summer Program

The Summer Program offers tutoring and homework assistance along with other enrichment activities to middle school-age children living in JCC's target lower income areas in Orange, Texas.  Our program focuses on the following activities: 

Academic Enhancement
Activities include one-on-one mentoring, tutoring in math and grammar, and a computer lab.

Fun Days

On these days, the youth will engage their creative and active sides with arts & crafts and recreation activities.

Skill Development
Participants are taught the importance of team building, time management, and goal setting to help them develop academically and occupationally.


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program

The VITA program offers tax-free services to income eligible taxpayers in the Golden Triangle area.  Through this program, JCC will train interested individuals to become a VITA volunteer to help prepare taxes.  

Jackson Community Center


Youth Vegetable Garden

The Youth Vegetable Garden is planted and maintained by the youth in the community.  The youth learn how to plant and take care of their vegetables.  The garden serves as a training tool to teach the youth about teamwork, commitment, and responsibility.


Life Skills Program

JCC's Life Skills Program benefits the participants of the lower income communities in East Orange many significant ways.  Participants receive personal attention and encouragement through teaching and mentoring that will help to build their self-esteem and better equip them to strive beyond their current circumstances.  By offering training programs on essential life skills in household management, effective communication and family wellness, participants develop character-building traits that help them to grow into responsible, productive adults.

The program is designed for teens and emerging adults from lower income families between the ages of 16 and 25.  The program is administered at two different locations near the City of Orange Housing Authority.  The close proximity makes it more convenient for individuals living in these target communities without transportation to attend the workshops. The following three workshops will be offered throughout the year.

Household Management 
This series of training workshop provide resource information and materials on organizational skills, time management, home care services, and household budgeting. These essential life skills can help improve the quality of the participants’ home life for themselves and their children. 

Effective Communication Skills 
This module addresses ways to build and maintain healthy relationships and interactions with others in everyday situations.  Participants learn how to better communicate their feelings and display their emotion responses in a positive manner.  The participants also are taught techniques that help them to identify, control, and manage their stress factors. They engage in role-playing and simulation activities that model positive behavior and become skilled in communicating with their family, peers, school administrators, and others.    

Nutrition/Wellness Workshops 
These workshops focus on healthy living.   Instructors teach participants healthy meal planning for their children and themselves and how to make healthy food choices when grocery shopping and schedule regular doctor appointments for everyone in the family to support the wellness of their family.  The workshops also include discussions on the importance of exercising and getting their children involved in free enrichment activities.  JCC uses outside resources and other nonprofits to help administer these workshops.